Thursday, July 5, 2012

Expect Steelers To Take The AFC North: Building A Solid Foundation; Steelers Images and Photos in Demand

Steelers Should Take The AFC North...Again

12-4 in 2011. That's not good enough for both the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans. Expectations by both are that the Steelers should---once again---stand atop the AFC North.

There is no debate that the division remains one of the toughest in the NFL. The Ravens are always seem to be in the Steelers rear-view mirror.  But there continues to be no doubt that Roethlisberger will lead the offense effectively even with the addition of new OC Todd Haley. There are also indications that Haley will provide more opportunities for his running backs. Although Mendenhall might lose his lead back position, Redman is capable of stepping in and doing an effective job. In addition, it now appears Roethisberger will have better protection from his offensive line considering a makeup of two first-round pics and two second-round picks. That should come as  good news for a quarterback whose been the most sacked in the last six NFL seasons.

The defense remains one of the best in the NFL. But in that division, even Cleveland's defense ranks in the top 10 in yards per game.

"I love what the Steelers have done in that they have built and incredibly talented foundation for years to come without sacrificing too much for 2012," said Matt Williamson of Scouts, Inc.
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Just about 10 Weeks For The Season to Begin

Fans Can't Get Enough Images of The Champions

When I review my stats on this blog, one fact is certain: Fans can't get enough images and photos of the Steelers. So let's take a time-out and share some of the best images of the Pittsburgh Steelers available on-line. Enjoy!!!

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