Thursday, June 28, 2012

Steelers Release Lindsey; Batch vs. Rainey; No Steerlers in Top 15; Hoke and Smith To Chair 5K Race

Steelers Release Brandon Lindsey

Steelers waived Brandon Lindsey of Pitt and signed former LSU lineback Ryan Baker.

Baker, at 5'11", 232 pounds, is considered a long shot to make the team since the Steelers are deep in linebackers that includes Sean Spence from Miami.
(CBS Sports)

RB's Batch and Rainey In Competition

It's no secret that the backfield of the Steelers is facing some challenges with Mendenhall rehabing a torn ACL he suffered last January. This leaves Baron Batch and Chris Rainey competing in the backfield.

Both have an excellent chance of making the roster considering their speed and good hands.

Rainey appears to have a slight advantage due largely to his kick-return ability. On the other hand, offensive coordinator, Tod Haley, likes what he sees in Batch. Batch lacks Rainey's speed, but he's bigger and Tomlin likes his overall attitude to play the game.
(Steel Curtain)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Steelers News on Twitter: Ward Back in Pittsburgh; Rooney Would Like to See Steelers Play in Ireland; Cornerback Battles and Franco's Work For The Poor; Colbert's Preview of Offense; Steelers Still Want Long-Term Deal With Wallace; Charlie Batch Joines United Way

Steeler News On Twitter

I'm relatively new to Twitter. I like it. I like it a lot. News is immediate. Just as important for this blog, Steelers news is immediate. To give you some idea what Twitter posted in just the last few days regarding the Steelers:

  • Behind The Steel Curtain reported today that Hines Ward was back in Pittsburgh this week. "Fourteen years---what more can you ask for?" said 86. "...I'm part of the greatest organization in all of football...Shoot, I don't even have hair!" Ward added.
  • Bleecher Report reports Dan Rooney would like to see the Steelers play in Ireland.
  • Steelers Depot reports the first battles to take place at training camp will be fought in the cornerback positions. Currently there are four conerbacks on the 90 man roster: Terry Carter, Terrence Frederick, Andre Freeman and Walter McFadden.
  • reports Franco Harris was honored for his long service to the poor. Harris has been a long-time board member of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Foundation. The Foundation has been in service to the poor since 1845. In addition, there is a new foundation, "Franco's Army To End Poverty." Donors receive a photo and personal letter from Harris.

Kevin Colbert's Review of Steelers Offense

General Manager Kevin Colbert said, "There's a lot of physical errors I guess is the best way to say it; new offense, people learning about the new offense and coaches learning about people. I think there will be some mistakes..." Say what? Not much...Editor
(Pro Sports Daily)

Steelers Still Looking To Do Long-Term Deal With Wallace

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported the Steelers still want a long-term deal with Mike Wallace.

Batch Joines United Way To Recuit Mentors, Readers and Tutors

Charlie Batch joined United Way of Allegheny County in partnership with the Team NFL to help students improve their academic success. In partnership with Team NFL, United Way will recruit mentors, readers and tutors.

"I am proud to serve as Pittsburgh Steelers United Way Ambassador since 2006..," said Batch.
To help Batch in his mission, he asks interested persons to contact:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Five To Watch; Steelers Post 2012 Training Camp Schedule; Ben Confident Wallace Will Be At Camp; Coach Tomlin Hosts Youth Football Camp; Sneak Peek Steelers New Uniform; Alliance College: Once The Steelers Training Camp

Five Players Steeler Fans Need To Watch
  • Steven Sylvester: Inside Linebacker. Sylvester, third year out of Utah, will be competing with Larry Foote for the hole left by James Farrior.
  • Barron Batch: Running Back.  Look for Batch to fill in on third down situations. The good news is the Steelers are deep in backs with Redman, Moore, Dwyer and rookie Chris Rainey. Cuts are immenent.
  • Steve McClenden: Nose Tackle. Look to McClenden going head-to-head against Ta'amu.
  • Jerricho Cotchery: Wide Receiver. Will fill void left by Hines while competing with Sanders for 3 spot.
  • Keenan Lewis: Conerback. Watch Lewis competing with second year corners Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown for opening left by Gay. Observers believe Lewis will fill that spot.
(Bleacher Report)

2012 Training Camp Schedule Posted

Steelers to report to training camp on Wednesday, July 25, 2012. The first practice open to the public is scheduled for Friday, July 27. All practices will begin at 3 p.m. Last day of camp will be August 17.

Roethlisberger Confident Wallace Will Be At Camp

"I think Mike will be there for training camp, that's my hope," Roethlisberger told ESPN last week.

Wallace has yet to sign his $2.7 million restricted free agent tender has he holds out for a long-term contract.

Youth Football Camp

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kordell Stewart Retires As A Steeler; "Champ" Likes What He Sees; Ben Likes What He Sees Too; Palamalu On Retirement; Steeler Fans Weigh In On The Draft

Kordell Stewart Retired

Kordell Stewart retired as a Steeler last week. Even though he spent the 2004-2005 season with the Ravens, he knew he was a Pittsburgh Steeler at heart.

In the late 1990's, Stewart was known as "Slash." a Steeler who took on many roles. In addition to quarterback, Stewart played running back and wide receiver.

Stewart was drafted in 1995 out of Colorado in the second round.  Steelers had been impressed with his flamethrowing arm---able to throw the ball 75 yards in the air.

In 2001, Stewart made the Pro Bowl after leading the Steelers to a 13-3 season. Unfortunately, he was injured at the start of the 2002 NFL season. He lost his starting job to Tommy Maddox. Stewart ended up in Chicago hoping to revive a sagging career. When that didn't happen, he moved on to the Ravens as a back-up. He never threw a pass in a game.

Stewart appeared in Super Bowl XXX.  His career stats included 14,746 passing yards with a QB rating of 70.7. He threw 77 touchdowns. He currently works as an analyst for ESPN and NFL Live.

Leonard Pope (Champ) Likes What He Sees

When Leonard Pope arrived to the Steelers as a free agent, the first thing he observed were the six Super Bowl trophies in the team's library. "That's the first thing I saw when I went upstairs. I personally want to be part of and go down in history with these guys," said Pope (smart guy...editor).

"Champ" stands 6'8''.  He has nine TD's with 102 receptions in a career spanning six years in the NFL. Last year, he saved a 6 year old boy from drowning in a swimming pool.

After meeting coach Tomlin, front-office people and other members of the team, he said, "I clearly see why the Steelers are so successful and have been for the last couple of years." (Just one correction Champ: for the last 4 decades big guy...editor) and SN

7 Likes What He See Too

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

OTA News: 3 Young CB's Look Good; Steelers 2011 Season in Highlight Film, "Heart"; Rumors; NFL To Rehire Replacement Refs

Lewis, Brown and Allen: Steelers Have High Hopes in All Three

Steelers are reporting their three young cornerbacks---Keenan Lewis, Curtis Brown and Corez Allen---are showing promise.

Defensive Coordinator, Dick LeBeau, said this week, "Curtis Brown excelled on special teams (as a rookie)...He stood out every week. He has great speed and quickness."

LeBeau also had good things to say about Allen specifically Allen's tenure on special teams. LeBeau also pointed out that Allen can handle adversity well. "He has the demeanor you are looking for in a defensive corner, " added LeBeau.

Regarding Keenan, LeBeau said he's proven he can do the job. He also said he likes his size and speed. "I think the future is bright for Keenan," said LeBeau.

Relive The 2011 Steeler's Season in "Heart"

If you want to get siked up for the 2012 Steeler season, you might want to consider viewing "Heart," the new film highlighting the Steeler's 2011 season.

The film is 24 minutes in length showcasing coach Tomlin and many strong performances by Steeler players.

The film is available at Steelers Sideline Stores and at

Rumors Are Flying

Friday, June 1, 2012

Steelers 2012 Schedule; May Transactions; David Johnson Likes Move To Fullback; Hines Ward Signs With NBC; Steelers to Host Fan Camps in Mexico City

The 2012 Schedule

May Transactions
  • May 2, 2012: CB Antonio Smith and RB Chad Spann released.
  • May 6, 2012: DT Almeda Ta'amu and RB Chris Rainey signed.
  • May 7, 2012: K Grant Ressel released.
  • May 9, 2012: OT Mike Adams signed.
  • May 17, 2012: OT Kyle Jolly and K Daniel Hrapmann signed.
  • May 29, 2012: LB Sean Spence signed.

David Johnson