Monday, June 11, 2012

Kordell Stewart Retires As A Steeler; "Champ" Likes What He Sees; Ben Likes What He Sees Too; Palamalu On Retirement; Steeler Fans Weigh In On The Draft

Kordell Stewart Retired

Kordell Stewart retired as a Steeler last week. Even though he spent the 2004-2005 season with the Ravens, he knew he was a Pittsburgh Steeler at heart.

In the late 1990's, Stewart was known as "Slash." a Steeler who took on many roles. In addition to quarterback, Stewart played running back and wide receiver.

Stewart was drafted in 1995 out of Colorado in the second round.  Steelers had been impressed with his flamethrowing arm---able to throw the ball 75 yards in the air.

In 2001, Stewart made the Pro Bowl after leading the Steelers to a 13-3 season. Unfortunately, he was injured at the start of the 2002 NFL season. He lost his starting job to Tommy Maddox. Stewart ended up in Chicago hoping to revive a sagging career. When that didn't happen, he moved on to the Ravens as a back-up. He never threw a pass in a game.

Stewart appeared in Super Bowl XXX.  His career stats included 14,746 passing yards with a QB rating of 70.7. He threw 77 touchdowns. He currently works as an analyst for ESPN and NFL Live.

Leonard Pope (Champ) Likes What He Sees

When Leonard Pope arrived to the Steelers as a free agent, the first thing he observed were the six Super Bowl trophies in the team's library. "That's the first thing I saw when I went upstairs. I personally want to be part of and go down in history with these guys," said Pope (smart guy...editor).

"Champ" stands 6'8''.  He has nine TD's with 102 receptions in a career spanning six years in the NFL. Last year, he saved a 6 year old boy from drowning in a swimming pool.

After meeting coach Tomlin, front-office people and other members of the team, he said, "I clearly see why the Steelers are so successful and have been for the last couple of years." (Just one correction Champ: for the last 4 decades big guy...editor) and SN

7 Likes What He See Too

Leonard Pope was not the only Steeler in a good mood. After OTA's ended last week, Ben Roethlisberger, "We made some strides. Everyday is a little better."

Polamalu On Retirement

This past April, Troy Palamalu turned 31. When asked about retirement, he always gives this answer: "I never thought about the end of my career.  I've had this growing motto in my life to live day-to-day---and when you live day-to-day, it's hard to talk years." That's exactly what Steeler fans want to hear.
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Fan Poll

Fan Poll on asked: Are you happy with the Steelers Draft?  96% of respondents answered YES.

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