Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Steelers 2012 Season Numbers; Free Agents; Initial Look At Draft Needs

Steelers 2012 Stats Of Note

Steelers ranked number one in defense in the NFL. They gave up the fewest yards per passing attempt. Sounds good. So where did they go wrong. Let's examine some of the numbers:
  • Power Ranking: 17th (16th in USA Today)
  • Ranked 25th in takeaways
  • 26th in giveaways
  • 26th in running defense.
  • 22nd in offensive points per game...21
  • 21st in total yards per game...332.8 yards per game
  •  14th in passing yards per game...236.7
  • Roethlisberger had a 97 rating with a total of 3265 yards
  • Total Passing TD's: 35 ranked 18th
  • Average Yards Per Passing Play: 6.6 ranked 17th
  • Redman, Mendenhall and Dwyer averaged out to 3.76 yards per carry
  • Wallace, Miller and Brown averaged out to 12.1 yards per reception
  • Total First Downs: 307 ranked 17th
  • Third Down Conversions: 94 ranked 5th
  • Total Offensive Yards: 5324 ranked 21st
  • Total Touchdowns: 35 ranked 18th
  • Total Passing Plays: 574 ranked 12th
  • Total Rushing Plays: 412 ranked 20th
  • Zero Punt Return and Kick Return TD's
  • One Defensive TD
  • Total Interceptions: 10 for 127 yards.

List of Free Agents

Unrestricted: Allen, Batch, Burress, Foote, Foster, Hampton, Johnson, Leftwich, Legurski, King, Lewis, Mendenhall, Mundy, Pope, Starks, Wallace and Warren

Restricted: Dywer, McLendon, Redman, Sylvester, and Sanders.


According to the Pittsburgh PG, the Steelers are unlikely to use their franchice tag on WR Mike Wallace. Wallace is set to hit the open market, and he's looking for a huge contract. It's unlikely Wallace will then remain with the Steelers considering the team's cap issues.

Current interest in Wallace is coming from the Miami Dolphins.

Initial Look At Draft Needs:

There is probably little disagreement that the Steelers need to look at the Outside Linebacker position. James Harrison's return is iffy. Woodley is coming off a disappointing season including sustaining injuries. And Chris Carter struggled to stay healthy for two seasons now.

Steelers should look at getting some young Tight Ends. Heath Miller will most likely have a long rehabilitation for the MCL and ACL injuries. Leonard Pope is unlikely to return. That won't be a big loss.

Troy Polamalu's injuries have been disturbing and there's really no one ready to slip into his spot. Steelers should take a long hard look at some young draft picks although the draft is not deep in strong safeties. Bottom line: Steelers need to address this position in the off season should Troy suffer yet another injury plagued season.

Steelers should start looking for a capable back-up for Roethlisberger. It's likely that Batch or Leftwich will return but not both of them.

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