Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jack Butler, Steelers Hall of Famer, Dies At 85

Jack Butler, Former Steeler Cornerback + Hall of Famer, Dies At 85

Jack Butler started his career with the Steelers in 1951 as a receiver. But the "old NFL" had many ball players also playing other positions. In Butler's case, he went on to play cornerback after an injury to fellow Steeler, Howard Hartley.

Jack went on to play 103 in nine seasons. In 1959, a severe knee injury ended his career as player.

Butler's interception rate of 50.5 is currently the best of any former player in the Hall of Fame. In his career, he had nine multiple interception games. He played in four Pro Bowls and was named to the NFL's All-Decade Team of the 1950's.

In February of 2012, Butler was honored by being name to the Hall Of Fame, 53 years after his career ended.

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