Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pittsburgh Steelers Announce Official Training Camp Schedule + What To Look For

Steelers Training Camp Schedule

Steelers will open training camp on Friday, July 26, at St. Vincent College.

The first day camp will be open to the public will be Saturday, July 27. There will be 14 practices open to the public. Times will be from 3-5 pm.

There will also be two night practices. One will be on Friday, Aug. 2, at 7 pm at Latrobe Stadium. The second night practice will be on Wed., Aug. 14, at 5:30 pm at St. Vincent.

Final practice will be on Saturday, August 17.

The specific daily schedule can be found on

What To Look For

Initial observations indicate the Steelers will have some major challenges facing the team this season. The Steelers will have to rely on two rookies, Jarvis Jones  and Le'Von Bell.

A number of pre-season rankings have the Steelers about half way down the list of rankings. But, as any football fans know, those rankings are worthless once the season starts. There are just too many unknowns when the season starts beginning with injuries.

Regarding injuries, reports continue to be positive regarding Roethlisberger's knee.

There continues to be some free agents available the Steelers should give serious consideration. For example, TE Heath Miller is still recovering from his serious knee injury. Perhaps Dallas Clark, if he has anything left in that aging body, could fit the bill. RB Michael Turner is still available.  While he didn't have a great season, he still racked up 800 yards and 10 touchdowns. WR Branden Lloyd, formerly  of the Patriots, is still out there. He could be a good replacement for Mike Wallace. Finally, John Abraham, DE, is still available. This is a guy who finished the season with 32 tackles and six forced fumbles. He'd be a good catch if the Steelers are willing to pay a few bucks for a 35 year old ball player.

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