Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Steelers Preseason Schedule And Some Burning Questions

Steelers Preseason Schedule Is Out

Saturday, Aug. 10
Giants @ Pittsburgh, 7:30 pm

Monday, Aug. 19
Pittsburgh @ Washington, 8 pm (ESPN)

Saturday, Aug. 24
KC @ Pittsburgh, 7:30 pm

Thursday, Aug. 29
Pittsburgh @ Carolina, 7:30 pm

Some Burning Questions

We know the Steelers are facing some major challenges this upcoming season. Some of the following questions will be on the front burner:

  • Does the offensive line have enough depth? Still unknown considering only Ramon Foster played the entire season.
  • Will the Steelers be able to do anything on the ground?  Last season was a bust. Steelers were ranked 26th in rushing yards. Obviously, they need to do MUCH better. Many will be looking at what Le'Veon Bell can do.
  • What's Heath Miller's health status? Steelers have been strangely silent.
  • Will Jarvis Jones LB be ready for the NFL. Again, there was little news about his performance at rookie mini-camp.
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