Sunday, August 11, 2013

Giants 18, Steelers 13: The Good and The Bad

What Did The Steelers Show In Their Loss To The Giants

Many observers will say, "Well, it's only the first pre-season game." In many respects, that's true. Nevertheless, even these games can give us a glimpse into the future. With the Steelers, like with most teams, it can come down to mistakes and injuries. We would hope the Steelers learned that lesson after last year's disappointing season.

Let's take a look at what the Steelers did right:

  • J.D. Woods had two impressive catches.
  • David DeCastro played well for his 31 snaps. His knee injury appears to be something that bothered him a lifetime ago.
  • All the back-up linebackers gave the Steelers hope for the future in that position. They played better than expected for back-ups.
  • OLB Jarvis Jones had two tackles and recovered a fumble. Good showing.
  • After a blocked punt by the Giants, Steelers defense showed what they are capable of doing by keeping the Giants out of the end zone at the Steelers 5-yard line. In fact, the defense did well in several sudden change situations.

What Went Wrong:

  • David Gilreath was unimpressive in punt returns by fumbling once and later being tagged on the 3-yard line. Bad decision.
  • DaMon Cromartie-Smith, quite frankly, showed little. He registered not a single tackle.
  • Marcus Gilbert was charged with a holding penalty.
  • Ben had a pass blocked.
  • Marshall McFadden was charged with a penalty for being illegally downfield nullifying a 52 yard punt.
  • Landry Jones. What can you say? He didn't look like a 4th-round draft choice.
  • Bastite--who?
  • The Steelers burned out all of their time outs in the first half with over 12 minutes remaining.
  • Stevenson Sylvester incurred an ankle injury. The injury will be evaluated today.

Regarding the performances of Roethlisberger and Gradkowski, it was much too early to tell what the future holds with the exception of both utilizing a short-passing game (perhaps that is what the future holds for the Steeler offense).

All of the quarterbacks connected on 19 or 33 pass attempts for 124 yards. Steelers were 55% passing vs. 45% in rushing stats. They also managed to inch out the Giants in time-of-possession while Giants edged the Steelers in first downs 15 to 14.

In short, the passing game was not impressive. Steelers only TD came from a fumble recovery in the end zone in the fourth quarter. Starters were long gone and were probably eating a late dinner pounding down some Iron City's.

Next Pre-Season Game: At Washington on August 19.