Sunday, November 10, 2013

Steelers Take It To Bills 23-10; Ben On Trade Rumors

Steelers Bounce Back With Running Game Beating Bills 23-10

In snapping a two-game losing streak, perhaps the narrative that stands out in the Steelers win over the Bills today is what's been lacking for most of the season. The Steelers rushed 52% of the time versus passing at 48%. Steelers managed 120 yards rushing (total 136) with Bell (57 yards and 1 TD), Dwyer (38) and Sanders (25). In addition, Antonio Brown had an impressive 104 yards receiving on six receptions. Cotchery added another TD (now leading the team with 6 touchdowns this season).

Ben Roethlisberger ended the game with 204 yards (18/30) and one touchdown. He also had one interception and was sacked four times. Roethlisberger has been sacked 35 times this season already. Considering his offensive line is riddled with injuries, this stat should  come as no surprise anyone.

The Numbers:

  • Steelers time of possession was almost a full 12 minutes more than the Bills (35:16 to 24:44)
  • Steelers managed 19 first downs.
  • The Steelers came into this game with an average of 37.4% on third-down efficiency. They ended this game at 47%.
  • Red zone efficiency was 40%.
  • Average yards per rush 4.1 with average yards per pass at 4.8.
  • When the Steelers opponents rush for less than 100 yards, the Steelers are 3-0. If it's more than 100 yards, they are 0-6. The Bills ended with 95 yards rushing.

Ben On Trade Rumors

"One of the BS stories I ever heard of. I want to be a Steeler for life...I want to finish my career here" Roethlisberger in post-game interview.

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