Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dolphins Dash Steelers Playoff Hopes With 34-28 Win

Steelers Staring At Second Consecutive Losing Season

The 2013 Steelers were unable to put up a win when it was desperately needed. They still had a shot at post-season going into this game (with a win and Ravens loss---Ravens squeezed out a win with 4 seconds left in their game) yet this team was unable to pull it off.

In reality, this disappointing season has never been the year for the Steelers. The 0-4 start appeared to set the stage for a season of discontent. And while Steelers fans never give up hope as evidenced in 2005 when the  6th seed Steelers won the Super Bowl; 2013 didn't break in their favor (even after almost pulling off a miracle ending today that included multiple laterals with a call that Antonio Brown stepped out of bounds on the Miami 12 yard line).

The Numbers And Notes
  • Roethisberger's 213th touchdown was a team record, surpassing Terry Bradshaw by one (Ben did it in his 10th season while it took Terry 14).
  • Ben threw for 349 yards (23/39) and three touchdowns.
  • Steelers rushed for 84 yards. Bell had 61 of those yards on 15 attempts.
  • Antonio Brown ended the game with 137 yards on 5 receptions and one TD. Cotchery and Sanders both scored touchdowns.
  • Red zone efficiency was 100% with 3rd down efficiency holding at 47%.
  • Penalties-yards: 9-63.
  • Steelers completed 16 first downs.
  • Play selection: 65% passing/35% rushing.
Steelers close out the 2013 season with the Bengals (next Sunday, 8:30 p.m.), Packers and Browns., Fox Sports, CBS Sports, Pitts. PG