Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wallace Returns--Finally; Polamalu Overrated?

Mike Wallace Returns Returns

Mike Wallace returned to the team on Tuesday and proclaimed he's "ready to roll."

Wallace is not permitted to practice for three days, but he was on the sideline taking mental reps.

"I'm ready to be back, ready to be with my teammates. I am ready to go." Okay, Mike, we know you're "ready." Now be ready to do some work.

Sanders said everyone is excited to have Wallace back. "The dimension Mike adds to the offense is speed...He is the big-time playmaker around here. He's the last link for us to take off," said Sanders.

Wallace signed his one-year tender worth about $2.7 million.

With Wallace's return to the team, Steelers waived RB Jason Ford. Last season, Wallace had 72 receptions for 1,193 yards and eight touchdowns (for his three seasons, he has 24 receiving TD's).

Wallace said he's been working out and his condition "is not going to be a problem."

On the other hand, Coach Tomlin was clear he was not in any position to determine if Wallace is ready because, "he hasn't done anything but show up." Ouch!!

OC Todd Haley, on the other hand, showed a higher degree of confidence in Wallace. He didn't think Wallace would have any problem being ready for the Denver game. Harrison agreed.
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Fox Sports Declares Polamalu Overrated In 2012

Fox Sports declared Troy Polamalu overrated in 2012. They reported he lost a few steps in 2011 and was not as intimidating. While there is some truth to those observations, I believe Steeler fans know that Polamalu will always be there for the big plays. He'll be there when the team needs him.  And he'll be there to continue changing the outcome of many games to come. It's way to early to give up on this guy. He's proven he's a major asset to the team's defense time and again. Moreover, he plays for the Steelers, not the Ravens, not the Cowboys. Big difference.