Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's Been Trending on Twitter; Tomlin Suggests To Polamalu: Be A Leader; WR Cox Signed; Antonio Brown Praises Haley

What Steeler News Has Been Trending On Twitter

I decided to take a look at some of the "immediate" news that's been trending on Twitter for the last day or two. Allow me to share those with you.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: "Is this a make or break camp for Steelers linebacker Jason Warilds?"
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (Official Site) "Roethisberger says shoulder is fine."
  • SteelersRReport (CBS) Ben on Wallace: "I'm sure he'll be here and with us before the first game."
  • Mike Tomlin: "Good spirited practice today."
  • Steeler Universe: "Debunking the biggest myths about the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2012."
  • Hines Ward: "Keep the love coming fans...We applaud you."

Coach Tomlin Suggests To Polamalu He Wants Troy To Be A Leader

 Coach Tomlin wants Polamalu to take a more leadership role on the team. It appears Troy took the coach's advice by attending all of the team's organized activities. Polamalu has not done that since early in his career.

Polamalu still does not consider himself a leader especially one who is vocal. He said, "We always have phantom leadership in that we have tradition." It'll be interesting to see if Polamalu takes Tomlin's advice.
Pro Sports Daily

This Week's Transaction:

  • WR Paul Cox signed. OT Briger Buche released.

Antonio Praises Haley

"It's definitely a big difference," said Antonio Brown of new OC coach Todd Haley's style. "Todd is really team orientated and more communicative with players," added Brown.

Brown also made it clear that Haley is not what many made him out to be. "Todd is really a cool guy," said Brown.